Frequently asked questions

How to download Premagic?

Visit our website www.premagic.com. Click the download button. Provide your Name, Email & Phone number. You will receive a welcome email from Premagic with download link & a License key to use Premagic.

Is it a website?

Premagic app is not a website. Its a Desktop app which has to be installed in your desktop or laptop ( Mac or Windows )

How to install Premagic?

Open the welcome email from your desktop or laptop & click the download link in It. Once the download completes, double click the setup file & run it for installing.

Is it a mobile app ?

Premagic is not a mobile app.So you cannot use it from your mobile phones. It's a desktop app.

In which drive should I install Premagic?

Choose a drive with maximum FREE space. We recommend not to install in your C Drive

What is a project?

A project means an event. Eg: Rahul & Nina Wedding, which has a client associated with it.

Is it possible to create folders inside projects?

Yes. you can create multiple folders inside each project. Eg: Wedding is a project. Engagement, Prewedding, Outdoor, Haldi, Mehendi etc can be the folders

What if there are multiple camera/cameraman involved in the event?

Use multiple folders under each project for the photos in each camera.

Do I need to create different projects for each function under a particular project?

No. Use seperate projects only if its a different event having different client. For the Same client, use folders inside that particular project.

How much time it takes to upload photos in Premagic?

Usually it takes 2-3 minutes for 1GB Data

Does Premagic compresses the original photos?

Yes. But without losing the quality.

Will it consume a lot of my internet data?

No.Since we upload only the compressed photos, it won’t consume much data.

What if the internet connections fails?

Uploading is a background task. It will stop uploading if the internet connection fails & automatically start uploading again once the internet connection is successful.

Do I need to wait for the upload to complete?

No you don’t need to wait. Upload will happen automatically & the client receives the photos once the upload complete. Just minimise the app & leave your seat. Ensure the system is not shut down.

Is there any security measures to ensure the privacy of my clients photos?

Yes. We use end to end encryption. No one from Premagic team or outside can see the photos.

Is it password protected?

Yes. Only the person with the password can select the photos.

How does the client receives photos shared using Premagic?

Client receives the photos as a compressed smart link in their email. They can open & View from their mobile phones just like they view photos in their gallery

Does the client get original quality photos?

No. All the original photos remains in your computer. For selection purpose client gets only a compressed quality photo to ensure smooth selection. It won’t have enough quality to print

Is it possible for the clients to download photos from Premagic?

Yes. But the photographer have a control to block it.

What if I typed a wrong email ID of the client?

Premagic send a copy of every client email to your registered email ID. Incase you gave a wrong email ID, then please check your registered email, find that particular client email & forward the same mail to the correct email ID.

Can I share photos to multiple email ID?

No. Instead forward the client email from your registered email ID.

Can I share photos to client’s whatsapp number?

Yes. Please check the whatsapp link under each project.

How can I share the projects with clients family or relatives?

Yes. Either forward the client email or share the whatsapp link.

Does the client requires a mobile app for using Premagic?

No. They don’t need to download any mobile apps.

Is it possible for the client to select photos from mobile phones?

Yes. They can do the selection from mobile phones, laptops & desktops.

My drive is consuming more space once i started using Premagic. Why?

Premagic works on the proxy model. However, it creates an extra backup for each project which can be erased once the project is completed & the album is delivered.

How much is the cost of Premagic?

It depends on the number of projects you take. Please complete your trial plan & upgrade to see the different plans